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35 years after the military coup in Chile, Luis Alberto Alarcón, an ex-member of President Allende’s security corps (GAP), starts a journey back home to confront his former torturer before a judge: Manuel Vásquez Chahuán an army official who tortured Luis Alberto for a long period of time at the beginning of the coup on September 11 1973. On his trip from Amsterdam to Temuco seven days prior to the hearing, Luis Alberto follows the course of time gone by and describes the man who has haunted him in nightmares for most of his life.

EKEKO productions ask me to create the communication
(and later during the editing process I could use my musician skills to help them with some soundeffects) for their latest documentary “MY FRIEND DIEGO“. This documentary has had a lot of attention worldwide, and is starting being showed at the most prestigious film festivals around the globe.

Made by manoverboord: Design DVD box, promotion items (as flyers and posters) and some soundeffects.

Do you need some help on the promotion, communication or design of your project? I would love to help! just let me know!