art direction & concepts,design,identity,illustration,logotype


On behalf of Projectgroep ‘Onderwijs vd Toekomst’ Manoverboord developed the Identity of a new school ROC TOP. Projectgroep ‘Onderwijs vd Toekomst’, an advisory team for future education hired Manoverboord to develope a corporate image for ROC TOP combining the different aspects demanded by the initial customer: fresh look, recognizable for both cities, symbolizing ‘center of education’, keeping in mind the different study directions, serious but also playfull, optimistic, recognizable, readable and easy accessible, to understand and remember.

Made by Manoverboord in cooperation with ‘Projectgroep Onderwijs vd Toekomst’: Identity, corporate image, corporate photography, corporate items, pocket education guide, different study brochures, ~folders, ~flyers, location cards, file ordners, application form, testsheets, certificate, newsletters, promomaterial, flags, website, advertorials, among others. Photography by Dave Pelham.

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