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Manoverboord is frequently asked to create different kind of illustrations.. for editorial purposes, visualisations to communicate new concepts, storyboards or even freework. The latest one came from the CANNERS. They asked me to ‘developpe the look & feel, characters and the right enviroment for an health insurance company advisory online game for‘… okay.
The name of the game and main character: Kees Beter. You can find this facebook app here.

Kees Beter and some emotion variations, some game avatars and a coupple of different game enviroments. Design/ illustration donated to Taalbraakers, Manoverboord game + detail, different editorial work made for Noticias, the city of Amsterdam, KRAS, communication agency Movement.

Would you like me to create or think about visuals, games, infographics or illustrations? Just let me know!