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The Asian Elephant Foundation (AEF) is an organization that supports projects throughout Asia, varying from elephant hospitals to acquiring elephant corridors, as main goal to help maintain habitat and population contiguity.

The AEF asked manoverboord to developed a game so children can get familiarized with the elephants and get consciousness about their actual habitat problems.

Manoverboord developed the Elephant Expert Quiz, where children learn elephant’s facts, figures & sounds (communication). At location, the children can print take home their own personalized Elephant Expert certificate.

The game is adopted by the different elephant centers around the globe, and is supported and used by different educational centers in different countries and languages as well.

Made by manoverboord: game, illustrations, coordination of programming/developing in the different languages.

I know you reaaaally would like to develop a game as well, but you are a little bit afraid of the costs.. no reason to be! just let me know and I’ll surprised you with a perfect advice and concept at a reasonable price!