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For TEDx 2011, Manoverboord is always busy developing short films, interviews, to highlight speakers involved with TEDx. Recently work together with Creatievekoppen organizing & producing a flashmob at SOLAR 2011.

Would you like us to create and produce such a great & fun flashmob for you? just give me a call!

In 2010 Manoverboord helped organise TEDxAmsterdam Live! a warming up for the ‘real’ TED that took place in November 2010 (at the Stads Schouwburg, Amsterdam. TEDxAmsterdam Live took place in the great BoomChicago.. and it was just perfect!.. thanks very much Saskia!

Made by manoverboord: design logo, producing ID items and different videos during the events TEDxAmsLive and another TEDx activities on location (IWD).