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After the earthquake of February 27th, Manoverboord felt he needed to do something. Together with other Chileans living in The Netherlands he organised various events. The main goal: raise money to help the victims… we decided to focus on Coliumo, a little harbour, runned mostly by women. We asked foundation Wilde Ganzen to coordinate the accion. The accion was a succes. We did raise around € 30000,-

Manoverboord developed a logo for the action, mailings, banners, short films and made use of the most known social media platforms to spread it. One of the films was the Chilean mirrorball.. a way to make awarness of this catastrophe on the ‘party people’, without confronting them to shocking images. This paticular film was used by different VJ’s from Amsterdam during clubnights in SugarFactory, Paradiso and Melkweg.

Would you like us to think and developpe some concepts for you? Let me know, I would like to help you too!